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Fandom Get-Together
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The place where fans meet fans
We all probably know the situation: You just found the most awesome show, movie, book or other medium and are completely infatuated with it, wanting to just talk about it all day long. Or you have an idea for a fic and need to discuss it with someone badly. But you can't find anyone!

We created fandom_personal for exactly that reason!

Some fandoms are simply small or obscure (and which only get love during Yuletide) and other fandoms are big but there's no one who has the same ship as you or who likes the same character best. This is the place to find a friend when you need one, when you just stumbled into a fandom and know no one, when you've been in one for a while but you're all alone or when you just want to talk with someone about your fandom, this is the place to go!

All posts (except trolling) are welcome! Some additional info about you would be great!



fandom that you need a buddy in:

looking for a buddy to: squee with, beta, trade bunnies, discuss meta, etc.

favorite thing about this fandom:

previous fandoms you've been in:

general likes/dislikes: (ie, incest, smut, character-bashing, sad fic, schmoop, whatever)