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20 July 2009 @ 02:47 pm
musings of a fangirl 001: or how one falls into addiction  
I wasn't always so hooked into this world we call fangirlhood. I started relatively late. Two years ago (yes, just two years ago) I was actually a quite normal twenty-one year old with a mild interest in manga, anime, bishounen, and all things Japanese but then I stepped into the jungle that is Medical School *cue, music from Psycho*

Medical school isn't all about scary premature PMS-ing, monstrously driven nerds or off-the-scale IQs and attitudes. There are actually some pretty normal, laidback guys who just always dreamed about becoming doctors *spotlight shine on ME!*.

But if there is one thing that isn't a myth about med school, it's the pressure. Med school is a hotbed of stress and work and the only way to survive is to be able to let off some of that steam. Hence, otaku-ness.

It all started with a dvd of the Taiwanese drama, Devil Beside You (a take on the manga, The Devil Does Exist) which spiraled into a countless number of dramas, Japanese, Taiwanese, and Korean, which became anime, which turned to manga, and then I discovered fanfiction and fanart, and yaoi. Which opened an entirely new avenue to explore.

And so, fangirlhood. Something that usually starts in the prepubescent years sank its claws into me at the relatively late age of twenty-one and is still chewing at my schedule and study hours.

My only regret: Why couldn't I have been a fangirl when I wasn't so busy?

*BTW, is it okay if i post this here?*
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